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USA Today? Me? REALLY? Really!

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Now a USA Today Bestseller

On Nov 23, the Wicked Legends box set (a dystopian, sci-fi, UF, and PNR mix of 24 different authors, including me) hit number 33 on the USA Today Bestseller list. When Magic & Mayhem (a different box set with yours truly in it) made the list in August of this year, I was so stunned I didn’t even rally myself to DO anything about it. And when it hit the New York Times list, I pretty much went into hibernation for fear folks would ask me about it. Not this time. This time, I sent out a press release and am OWNING it, baby. Yeah.


If you haven’t picked it up, you can get it FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Click HERE to scoop it up. In fact, both sets are in Kindle Unlimited. Check out Magic & Mayhem while you’re at it.

I’m pretty durn gobsmacked. Twice in one year, this little nobody from rural Nova Scotia, Canada, made it onto a pretty coveted list. It’s like a dream.

Unlike a dream, it meant a lot of hard work by a lot of pretty amazing authors who powered through with lots of verve, promotional blasts, Facebook parties, Giveaways, skills, push, and drive to do everything they could to get the word out.

So to my co-athors who have made this dream come true, I salute you. And I ask my readers to support them. Click over to their site. Buy a book. You will be glad you did.