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Miss You Mad

Sometimes the will to live has strings attached

Billionaire bachelors should be pumped on life; they should be jazzed just to be breathing, and yet newly-wealthy lobster-buyer Daniel is just plain sick of living. Philanthropy hasn’t juiced him, wealth hasn’t juiced him; Hell; sex and hedonism haven’t juiced him. He’s beginning to think he’s incapable of feeling anything anymore.

Then he meets the intriguing Hannah who is a visual artist from the big city and everything seems to swirl into living color like gasoline on water. He feels so alive he imagines he’ll ignite at any moment.

If she says she just barely escaped a psychotic stalker back in Toronto, and that small town Nova Scotia is the furthest, most inconvenient location for her ‘fan’ to follow, well, he believes her. There shouldn’t be anything to get in his way of impressing the Hell out of her and getting his hands on her.

But he’s wrong.

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