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I’m squeeeing all over the place. Seriously. I mean, when a small potatoes writer like me from a rural town in NS gets her letters (see post headline) it’s a thing of beauty and awe. I feel so lucky and grateful to whatever god saw fit to put Jasmine Walt in my path that I could bow down and offer up my first born….novel. HAHA. My firstborn child is far too precious for a few letters. LOL. Well. Maybe. 🙂

So. Magic and Mayhem. Back in the wee hours of a long night’s month ago, Jasmine Walt (author of the bestselling Burned by Magic) contacted me to ask if I wanted to join a box set being put out by 20 fantasy authors. She had a spot open for Water Witch if I wanted it. I was so excited that someone thought of lil ole me that I jumped right on that puppy.

On August 11, we got word that we’d hit the USA Today Bestseller list with it. I near fainted dead away, and might have except I was in the woods unpacking a bunch of cookies and chocolate (ahem…and a wee bit of wine) for a lovely camping trip at the time and well…chocolate… didn’t want to soil that lovely treat.  So I persevered, thinking life was playing games with me. Next day. Wham. NY Times list. It was surreal. I’m still pinching myself because well….me….things like that don’t happen to me.

But they do happen to some awesome authors. Just like the ones who were kind enough to let me team up with them.

Here’s to amazing teammates. Please look them up and buy everything they have! I’ve read them, and you won’t be disappointed. and if you haven’t yet grabbed Magic and Mayhem, what are you waiting for? You can even get it free with Kindle Unlimited. Find it HERE

List of Amazing Authors to check out on Facebook. Many of them have great deals and giveaways on the author pages.