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so today i logged onto twitter to see who was on and who I could yak to and I found this:

Sammy’s Review of ‘Formed of Clay’ by Thea Atkinson by @theapatra

So I went, ‘huh?’ and immediately clicked on the link wondering when did she buy it? I had no idea. Then i went, Oh God. I hope it’s a good review. I bit a nail down to the quick. I clenched my lower lip with my teeth.

Then I opened my eyes. (I hadn’t realized I was squeezing my eyes shut in anxiety.)

Here’s a quote from the opening. “A very clever author indeed created, Formed of Clay. Thea Atkinson immediately plunges the reader into a fabulous tale written in the style of an ancient mythological tale with Gods and Goddesses in a stunning mystical view of creation. This introduction provides the mood for a masterful dark ancient tale.  ”

Much Much joy ensued. Much dancing. Much laughing right out loud with glee. She got it. She really and truly got it. And better yet, she wrote a better synopsis than I did. It’s stunning. I need to hire her to write ALL my blurbs.

After reading the review i realized something about Sammy Sutton. She is some kind of savante. You should really curry her favor, cause she ‘gets’ what the writer intends in the story. Go. visit her. Tweet her. Be overtly kind to her because she is awesome beyond measure.

She can be found at: Sammy Writes and you can find her on twitter as @sammywrites

Now go. Sully forth and do good things for her.